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I provide mentoring and coaching of children, teens and young adults. As a 14 year veteran Elementary and Middle School Physical Educator, I not only understand the value of movement for child development and mental well-being, but also the day to day social challenges and struggles that can adversely impact children socially and academically.  While many parents and teachers feel that they are providing the right guidance to young people, these young people may in fact be shutting down and not listening to or absorbing the guidance, advice and support they are being provided.  I approach young people in a way where they feel comfortable talking about their challenges and issues; while parents and teachers may not intend for young people to feel judged, they often do which inhibits the ability to improve their individual situations.  

Daily Social Challenges


Children and young adults are faced with many social pressures today including drugs, alcohol, sex, self-image and general peer pressure.  Let me help your young person understand how to handle these situations in a relaxed environment where they won't feel judged by parents or friends.

Advice and Direction


Children and young adults often turn to their friends for advice, which we all know can be bad or dangerious advice from those who are not knowledgable or experienced enough to help a young person through challenging times.  Allow me to help your young person build the skills to make good decisions and protect themselves when a parent or guardian is not around.

Healthy Lifestyle


I promote a healthy lifestyle by focusing on three areas:

1. Exercise / Movement 

2. Diet

3. Mental Wellness

A healthy lifestyle starts with diet and exercise, but it does not stop there.  I work with my clients to help them think about who they are hanging out with, the situations they are getting into, and whether these are positively or negatively influencing their decision making for a healthy lifestyle.

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