Who do I help?

My goal is to help guide young people so they can be confident and successful.  Many times I hear about or see young people putting themselves in situations or making decisions that are detrimental to themselves, relationships (familial or otherwise), and their futures.  Parents do the best they can to teach and guide their children.  However, someone with years of experience, who understands what a child's day to day is like, can best help relate to them and work through their challenges with better results. Do any of the below types of personalities resonate when you think of your child or young adult?

Self-indulgent, sensitive to what others think. Into selfies, looks and popularity.
Presents a tough exterior; sensitive about how he is viewed; can be aggressive.
Depressed, social anxiety, doesn't want to go to school, sick a lot; few friends
Intimidates others, struggles at home, always angry.
Believes everyone is out to get them; thinks others talking about them negatively.
Angry, irritable, lacks patience, easily shuts down, storms out of the room, cries a lot, etc.
Does anything to please others, even when he/she has better judgment.
Knows right from wrong, but challenges authority. Likes arguing to get their way.
"Too cool for school;" can lead in a good way but makes bad choices for self-image.
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