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Frequently Asked Questions


If you don't find all of your questions answered below please email me.

 01  Is Pamela Tyre a licensed psychologist?

No.  Pamela Tyre is a licensed school teacher with over 19 years of experience working with children and young adults. If a client needs physical, medical or mental healthcare a referral will be made to get her client the right level of treatment.  




 02  Where do sessions occur?

At a park, in your neighborhood, at the mall or anywhere else we can have a productive conversation with movement.  Coach Tyre has seen the value of movement to help lower stress when talking through challenges and concerns.  A chair or couch in an office can appear too formal for some and cause them to shut down.  A more open and care-free environment typically has the opposite effect and allows a young person to speak more comfortably in a natural setting.  




 03  Do I need to bring anything to our sessions?

Yes, a journal or notebook and your favorite pens to take notes during sessions.  




 04  What if I miss a session?

Coach Tyre requires 24hrs notice if you will miss a session.  Any notification less than 24hrs will be subject to the amount of the current rate for your scheduled session.  




 05  How can I contact Coach Tyre?

Coach Tyre can be reached via email at or phone/text at 720-549-0411.  Please do NOT use Twitter or Facebook to communicate with Coach Tyre as she does not use those services for communication at this time.  

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